FireVu - Quickly Identify Oil & Gas Fires

Petrochemical fires can be particularly costly in loss of property, materials and potentially lives.

They are also highly challenging to contain and extinguish, even for experienced firefighters.

Substances can be highly volatile, flammable and susceptible to the most minor sources of ignition. Early detection of fire danger is critical in averting disaster.

FireVu offers proven video fire detection technology to identify danger early. It can monitor wide areas, either inside or outside facilities. Should the possible source of ignition be outside the compound, but pose a danger owing to the vapours in the atmosphere, its smoke or flame will raise an alert and action can be taken immediately.

Petrochemical fires can be particularly costly in loss of property, materials and potentially lives. 

Oil & Gas fire footage

Oil & Gas
VSD can zone in on key areas (screening out less important areas), detecting the first signs of smoke and flames – FireVu understands the behaviour of smoke and flame patterns and alerts the user immediately to any danger.

FireVu does not need to have sensors and detection points triggered, waiting for smoke or heat to reach. It’s video fire detection technology can spot smoke or flame at source, before an unstoppable fire has been ignited.

Moreover, the voluminous nature of many plants can lead to smoke stratification. Smoke might not even reach sensors located in the ceiling or high-up on the walls. VSD does not have the drawback of having to wait for smoke to reach sensors.

Special areas of concern can be pre-identified and focused upon with FireVu’s video fire detection. The grid pattern superimposed on the images can also screen off less critical areas, if preferred.

Smoke or fire can be accurately located and appropriate action can be taken in the early critical stages of a fire. The footage can be analysed after incidents to improve fire prevention measures.

FireVu is an ideal video fire detection system for petrochemical plants that demand technology solutions that need to spot danger early and at source.

Video fire & Smoke Solution

NetVu’s FireVu is able to see the movement of smoke or the presence of flame across a CCTV image by identifying their unique characteristics. These include assessing changes in brightness, contrast, shape, edge content, loss of detail, motion and colour matching.

FireVu is triggered at the earliest signs of smoke and can be focused on areas of particular interest. Its ability to offer visual verification, remotely or on-site, can help prioritise emergency responses.

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Latest FireVu flame detection algorithm

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest upgrade to the FireVu flame detection algorithm available now with the FireVu 500, our premier video fire detector. The FireVu 500 uses intelligent flame and smoke algorithms to analyse the camera image in order to quickly and reliably detect fire.

This latest update has increased both the robustness of the algorithm and the detection range. The detector will react to the presence of even a small fire* in the specified field of view in under 30 seconds. Read full article