FireVu – Protecting High Value Aircraft World-Wide

High value aircraft demand the best protection available, but a hanger environment causes large problems for cenventional detection systems. High ceilings and open spaces results in smoke stratification, causing delayed activation of aspirating systems and devastating consequences.

In such environments, as hot Smoke rises it travels through the cooler surrounding air, losing heat until it stops rising. Consequently aspirating detectors located high-up in the ceiling might not generate an alarm until the heat of the fire raises the stratification level.
Even if smoke does reach conventional beam or point detectors it can take time.
With high value contents at risk this time can be ultimately very expensive and devastating.

By combining Video Smoke Detection (VSD) and our patented Video Flame Detection (VFD) with sophisticated algorithm, FireVu is the premium solution for the challenges presented by the voluminous space of aircraft hangars.

FireVu offers a solution that identifies potential fire incidents at their source and does not rely on smoke travelling the distance from the fire to the a conventional detector.
FireVu’s spots danger early by noting changes in brightness, contrast, shape, edge content, motion, colour matching and loss of detail. Its software identifies smoke patterns and behaviour and raises the alert accordingly.

Video Smoke Detection In-Action in Aircraft Hangars

FireVu has installed projects in desert countries such as the world’s largest private aircraft hangar: the Royal Airwing Hangar complex at Dubai International Airport, UAE. In such climates temperatures can reach 40 degrees, so smoke can stop rising earlier than hangars located in cooler climates.

What is more, high temperatures create a hot air (thermal) barrier making early detection by point or beam detectors less likely.

The Royal Airwing Hangar is 600 metres wide and 110 metres deep. It holds up to eight aircraft with a total value estimated at over £2 billion. The ceiling reaches a height of 30 metres.

The high value contents of aircraft hangars demand the best fire detection solutions and protection.

This is why FireVu is used by military organisation such as the RAF and civilian multinationals such as Airbus and British Airways.

FireVu Video Fire & Smoke Solution

FireVu is able to see the movement of smoke or the presence of flame across a CCTV image by identifying their unique characteristics. These include assessing changes in brightness, contrast, shape, edge content, loss of detail, motion and colour matching.

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