FireVu Server

FireVu Server

Critical to saving lives and business assets from the devastating destructive power of fire, is immediate detection. FireVu Video Fire Detection technology is a leading-edge solution for high temperature, smoke and flame detection at the very start of a fire. The FireVu Server provides video smoke and flame detection for up to eight FireVu 500 Analogue Detectors.

Why FireVu ?

  • Advanced file streaming protocol developed specifically for Video Surveillance, rather than generic Web Media protocols.
  • PAR file format video storage enables immediate playback across multiple channels with complete time synchronisation and allows storage of additional information such as event data and analytic streams.
  • Closed IP hardened management layer provides unparalleled, automatic security, automatic discovery of NetVu Connected products and an easy to use drag and drop allocation format.
  • Comprehensive event handling driven by physical interfaces, metadata or custom scripts, including active or inactive reporting and MQTT integration.
  • Embedded Meta data support with processing within the camera, server or viewing software and offering the functionality to deliver a total Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution, increasing timesaving, maximising efficiency benefits and automated risk reduction.
  • Bespoke PowerScripts deliver advanced processing of real time data, activity detection and other system extensions.
  • Compliant with PSTI and NDAA cyber protocol requirements.

Key Features

  • 16 independent zones for each for smoke and flame detection for flexible application.
  • Dynamic zone masking capabilities allow specific conditions to be excluded whist remaining monitored at all other times.
  • Capable of operating two separate sets of detection parameters for different periods to accommodate changes in operational processes.
  • Alarm reporting using 18 Configurable on-board relay outputs.
  • 20 Alarm inputs for systems integration.
  • High quality evidential video and data recording provides post-event forensic analysis both locally and remotely over secure internet link.
  • NetVu Cloud-based support features that allow complete remote configuration, health-checking, maintenance and support of your system.
  • Single and Multi-way camera displays

Technical Drawing

Part Numbering

FVU2 /
04 /
No. of Inputs: 4 or 8
3T /
Storage: 3, 6 or 12TB


1 year, plus additional 1 year free when the product is registered


Channels 8
Network Connections 3 x Gbit RJ45
Local Display 2 x Composite Video Outputs BNC
1 x HDMI Output
Supported Keyboards Integrated Front Panel
USB Mouse and Keyboard
Storage 2 x Internal 3.5” HDD (3TB Typical / 12TB max).
External eSATA Expansion.
Additional NAS/SAN Support.
Alarms and Relays 20 x alarm inputs
All alarm inputs are BS8418 compliant.
18 x Relay Outputs (normally open).
Alarm Reporting NetVu Connected Remote Alarm Reporting.
SNMP Remote Alarm Reporting.
Analytics Video Smoke Detection
Video Flame Detection
Network Protocols NetVu Connected Advanced Streaming, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTSP/RTP Unicast and Multicast, Telnet / SSH, FTP, PoE, NTP, SNMP, Zeroconf, ModBus, iSCSI.
Data Ports 2 x RS232 Tx/Rx/RTS/CTS on 9-way female D-Type connector.
2 x RS485/RS422 on 9-way female D-Type connector.
USB 2 x External Type A



Power 10A maximum. 110VAC to 240VAC @50Hz/60Hz.
Operating Temperature 6°C to 40°C.
Operating Humidity 10% to 85% (Non-condensing).
Approvals CE marked. Complies with part 15 of FCC CFR47. RoHS Compliant.
Product Dimensions 440mm x 430mm x 90mm.
Product Weight 9.5kg.


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