FireVu is the Answer to Detecting Fire Breakout on High Risk Buildings

FireVu is the Answer to Detecting Fire Breakout on High Risk Buildings

“Electronic” fire wardens which watch 24/7, automatically raise the alert to stakeholders and enable fast and targeted emergency response.

To all landlords in the public and private sector.

It has been widely reported in the media that many boroughs and private owners are using fire wardens because there is no other way of detecting fire break out on the outside of high risk buildings.

No other way until now.

We at NetVu have the solution to this problem with our FireVu early warning system.

FireVu, is a system which is constantly ‘watching’, providing 100% coverage of the outside of buildings (see illustration diagram) and all designated internal locations – stairwells, boiler rooms etc. FireVu on building coverage

FireVu’s detects flame and provides a visual of the location of the fire and its intensity. When fire is detected, the alert is raised automatically and a video is sent to the Council/Police or private sector control centre or indeed to relevant stakeholders. They can subsequently make informed decisions about the emergency response.

FireVu reduces the need for fire wardens whom are prone to human error and the limitations of the typical human attention span of 20 minutes. FireVu is more effective and has a lower cost of ownership.

There is a need to take action now. FireVu can be implemented quickly, ensuring fire detection is resolved effectively, enabling landlords to give the residents peace of mind while the safety refurbishments are undertaken over time.

NetVu is a pioneer in video technology innovation providing differentiated detection and video surveillance solutions for over 30 years in the UK through its Dedicated Micros CCTV brand which is deployed extensively throughout UK buildings and CCTV Command and Control rooms in the public and private sector.

The NetVu ethos is to drive innovation and change in the way things are done and we feel this is closely aligned with Dame Hackitt’s vision:

“A cultural and behavioural change … is now required across the whole sector to deliver an effective system that ensures complex buildings are built and maintained so that they are safe for people to live in …” Dame Judith Hackitt. Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Interim Report December 2017.

We believe FireVu can play a central role in delivering her vision.

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