FireVu Awarded Visual Flame Detection Patent No.GB2535409 in UK

FireVu Awarded Visual Flame Detection Patent No.GB2535409 in UK

The award, Patent no. GB2535409, is granted in recognition of the uniqueness of the ‘Flame detection system and method’. The patent was awarded in April this year and follows on from the grant of a US patent in March 2017 for the FireVu flame detection algorithm.

FireVu’s innovative method of measuring the colour and intensity of flame in an image results in exceptional detection rates, exceptional detection range and zero false alarms. It is superior to all other visual flame detectors on the market which rely on flicker. Other manufacturers claim to correlate colour and flicker but they are unable to eliminate false alarms. FireVu’s flame detection uses the absolute laws of physics, and in particular Planck’s Law which results in an accurate determination.

It is also able to identify the break out of fire much earlier than conventional systems that rely on physical contact between a detector and the off-gas or smoke.

Furthermore, FireVu segments the field of view, significantly helping stakeholders to identify the origin point of the fire, aiding efforts to extinguish the threat.

FireVu’s flame detection system is ideal for the early detection and warning of smoke and flame in industrial processes which utilize motors, conveyor belts, bearings and moving parts, hot substrate and flammable materials; for example in Waste Management and Processing, Steel, Paper, Utilities, Petrochemical, Waste to Energy, and Power Generation. It can also be effectively installed in retail outlets and on high-rise developments.

FireVu is also ideal for detecting smoke and flame in large voluminous areas such as Aircraft Hangars, Warehousing and Atriums.

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