FireVu Server

Protecting business assets from harm is a constant challenge. Breaches can come in many forms and be destructive in various ways. Few though, match the devastation of fire.

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Item Description

30 seconds from an ignition a situation can already be out of control. Three minutes later, toxic smoke has usually reduced visibility to zero whilst temperatures rage towards 300C.

Five minutes from the initial spark the heat is so intense that other items in the vicinity begin to ignite. At this point, rescuing those trapped becomes a near impossible task.

Critical to saving lives and business assets is immediate detection.

The ultra-intelligent FireVu patented VFD technology detects, identifies, and analyses smoke at the start of a fire with breath-taking speed and precision.


FireVu ‘sees’ a fire at the earliest stages, with the ability to recognise smoke, flame, or both. This significantly reduces detection time and enables larger areas to be effectively covered with fewer cameras.

Analogue Camera

Analogue video point detector. A Minimum of 540 TVL required, with up to eight such devices connected to each FireVu video analytics server.

FireVu Server

Digital Video Server based technology capable of receiving up to 8 analogue video streams to which advanced video analytic algorithms are applied, detecting both smoke and flame within the field of view of the cameras connected to it. All footage is recorded to an internal hard disk drive allowing future interrogation.


A FireVu installation incorporates dry contacts, activated on alarm they can be utilised to drive sounders or strobes on site to notify personnel, or even connected directly to a fire alarm control panel (FACP).

Monitoring Station

Monitoring station can be either on-site, or at remote location. FireVu alarms can be transmitted to and reviewed by trained operators having been given full situational awareness of any fire and then able to make informed decisions in line with detailed client advised procedures.

Features and Benefits

Technical Specifications

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V3.0 17/06/19