FireVu provides early fire detection for high value assets

The proven Video Flame Detection (VFD) and Video Smoke Detection (VSD) technology detects, identifies, and analyses smoke and flame at the start of a fire. This enables users, located on site or remotely, to raise the alert and take appropriate action early.

The unique patented VFD gives rapid detection with near zero false alarms while the VSD technology understands the behaviour and movement of smoke. The solution was first developed in response to a requirement for next-generation fire detection in a voluminous power generation facility. Since then, FireVu has been refined and perfected and today includes patented flame detection (GB2535409), Europe (EP3080788), and US (US9530074B2). Built on the NetVu Connected platform, FireVu also provides unrivalled cyber protection to the entire surveillance network.

FireVu is currently used on more than 200 sites globally, including power generation, manufacturing industries, tunnels, aircraft hangars, and many other sectors where time is of the essence when responding to fire. If your assets are of high value VSD could be the solution.

FireVu is part of the NetVu Group Companies. NetVu provides a suite of surveillance products and systems for a wide variety of industries. Find out more on the main NetVu website.