What is FireVu?

FireVu uses a combination of Video Flame Detection (VFD) and Video Smoke Detection (VSD) technology to deliver a superior level of Fire Detection.

The unique, patented VFD provides rapid detection with near zero false alarms while the VSD technology understands the behaviour and movement of smoke. Combined, these detect, analyse and identify smoke and flame at the onset of any potentially devastating fire.

FireVu is currently used on more than 200 sites globally including waste recycling, power generation, manufacturing, transport tunnels, aircraft hangars and prestige buildings, providing internal and external protection to any site where time is of the essence when identifying and responding to fire.

Built on the NetVu Connected platform, FireVu also provides unrivalled cyber protection.

How does it Work?

Sophisticated analytical software analyses video images from the FireVu detector to identify the presence of smoke, flame and heat at its source, while highly sensitive calibration features minimise the risk of false alarms.
Through segmentation of the field of view, FireVu assists in identifying the origin point of the fire, significantly aiding efforts to extinguish the threat.